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Resource Centre

Whether you’re house hunting or looking to sell. We have all the forms you need to help complete the process.

Buyer Forms

Intention to Make an Offer

Acknowledgement of Multiple Offers – Buyer

Waiver/Shortening of Cooling Off Period by a Proposed Buyer

Seller Forms

Request for Appraisal of Selling Price

Staging Tips

Staging Samples

Staging Before & After

How to Deposit Funds – Sales

Clients Acknowledgement of Appointment

Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate

Selling a Property With a Pool – QBCC Fact Sheet

ATO Clearance Certificate Application

Auction Forms

A Bidder's Guide

Notice of Reserve Price

Bidder Registration Form

Letter of Authority for a Person to Bid at Auction

Agreed Variation of Terms of Auction

Conditions of Sale - Public Auction

Authority for Agent to Convey Telephone Bids

Auctioneer Licence – David Holmes