With the latest bank rate rises, high inflation, and some evidence of other major capital cities slowing down, our clients often ask us what is our Brisbane Real Estate Market going to look like for the rest of this year? Are we still going to see strong price growth throughout the remainder of the year, or are we about to experience a market crash?

It is not as simple or true as ‘interest rates go up; house prices go down’. There are a number of other factors that will also influence the property market, and interest rates are just one of them.

In the 6-year period commencing May 2002, 20 years ago when the standard variable home loan interest rate increased 22 times from 6.3 to 9.5%, that is when Australia last had a national property boom. During this same 6-year period, we had a rising property market. The median house price growth in Brisbane was 127%.

Each capital city or area has its own market dynamics, none of us have a crystal ball about the future and only time will tell, but it is likely that the Brisbane property market will continue to see fair growth for the rest of the year, even though the other capital cities see prices starting to decline.

After 15 consecutive years of average performance compared to other capital cities, hopefully Brisbane will be Australia’s best-performing capital city in 2022.