Some of the comments our clients have made:

“I want to sell my home with Happy Real Estate because their entire team is amazing”

“I choose to sell my house with Happy Real Estate because of the way they do their auctions”

“We decided to sell our house with Happy because their auction style is very different”

“My mum decided to list with Happy Real Estate because she loves their Auctioneer”

“We wanted to sell our house with Happy’s personalized, attention to detail, individual tailored type of auction”

If you have experienced our HAPPY auction, you will feel and notice the difference. We have a team of people who each play an important role to ensure the best auction experience for our sellers and buyers.

Our Auctioneer is the proud championship winner of the REIQ 2021 Auctioneer of the Year. He is not only so talented with his skills, but David also has a big heart. He genuinely cares for all our clients and spends as much time as it takes to get a premium result for our clients on the day.

Instead of turning up just before the auction, our whole team arrives at each of our auctions almost 90 minutes prior to prepare and set up.  We also stay behind until we ensure all guests are looked after, and the house is clear.

With each Auction that we have the honour to conduct, creating the best memory for our sellers and buyers is of considerable importance to us.

It is a huge financial and emotional decision for our sellers to put their home open on the market to be auctioned, and we want to make sure that all our team members are there for them to make their selling experience a very special one.