Moving out your loved home is a huge decision, especially if you have been living there for quite some time.  Sellers can feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of moving.  Here are some tips that may help you to feel more at ease with the whole process.

  • A soon as you decide to sell, it is time to start decluttering, cleaning, organising, and categorizing your belongings. Clean and declutter every room in the house including the garage, discarding things that you do not want or need in your new home.  Donate unwanted items to charity or have a garage sale to get rid of them.  Put unused items that you want to keep in labelled boxes and store them in a safe but out of the way location so that they won’t interfere with the open homes.
  • Once you sign a contract of sale for your home with the buyer and know all the dates, it is time to plan for your move. Set a moving date, book a removalist, or rent a moving truck, and find out which  family and friends can assist you on moving day.
  • As the settlement date approaches, start to cancel services such as electricity, internet, and phone. Arrange for your mail to be redirected, and update your address for all your subscriptions etc.  Contact your cleaner, gardener, and pool maintenance companies to cancel their services, and it is always a nice thing to leave their business cards for the new owners.  When you go through the packing process, place manuals for fixed home appliances in a folder for the new owner.  Label extra keys and write down notes if needed which will always be very helpful.
  • Don’t leave anything behind when you move. Check all cabinets, drawers, and storage areas for any forgotten items.  Do one more check before you leave the house searching for anything you might have overlooked.

When you prepare a home for settlement, ensure you have completed everything you need to do – from the agreed terms and conditions of the sale through to good seller etiquette.  Happy Moving!