In 2021, the suburb of Kuraby experienced a once-in-a-blue moon Real Estate boom that resulted in most of the homes surrounding Stiller Drive joining the million-dollar club.

An immaculately looked-after home at 6 Ridgeline Court, Kuraby reached beyond the suburb’s record price after it sold at auction for $1.33 million by our award-winning auctioneer David Holmes.  With 19 registered bidders, it was a young couple who closed the auction with their final bid.

Our sellers were extremely delighted with the outcome saying, “We were so amazed by what happened, and we were very impressed with the amount of work the Happy Team has put into the entire campaign to make this happen.”

“We had over 150 people who turned up at our auction and they were lining up to enter our home,” said the agent Happy Helen.  “We have received a lot of positive feedback,” said Happy Helen.  “One of the visitors commented that it was one of those homes you could instantly tell that it had been extremely well looked after.”

Our sellers have always kept their property in amazing shape.  They regularly painted the home, maintained the facade, and ensured any interior work was always attended to promptly.  At sale time, they understood the importance of a successful marketing campaign.  They knew they had a great product, but now they had to make sure it really stood out and that they had a good agent to sell it for them.

As real estate agents, there’s nothing more fulfilling than setting a suburb record.  But as you can see, our sellers play a big part in the sale of their homes by not only properly maintaining them but understanding the value of our marketing and the importance of our roles as their agent.

If you’ve got nice home, and you’re thinking of putting on the market, please get in touch with us.  With many years of selling experience under our belts, use our expertise to your advantage.  We aim to maximize the highest return for you!