“We will only sell our home with Nathan, and no other agent”

“When we sell our house, you will be the only one to call”

“I will call you first when I am ready to sell my house”…

Over the years, we have had numerous clients who have made these and similar remarks. This is like the most beautiful music to our ears.  The unconditional trust, support and respect behind these words are invaluable.

After one of our Sunday Auctions, a team member’s vehicle became stuck after parking on a grass area of the acreage property that was a lot wetter than they originally thought. Our property owners said that they had never had any issues like this before. However, this unexpected incident brought us the most beautiful gift.

Our property owners and team spent over an hour under the hot sun trying various methods to get the car moving and out of this boggy patch of ground. They tried pushing the vehicle, bent down on their knees to place cardboard under the wheels and add a patch of rocks to give the wheels something to grip onto.  Eventually, a powerful 4WD with a rope was used to pull out the vehicle that was stuck in the mud.

Our team member Helen said that after experiencing this for 60 minutes, she could truly say that she witnessed the most beautiful thing – human connection. The unconditional support and love from clients with this non-auction related accident was so beautiful and heartfelt.  The calmness and smiles on the faces of our sellers the whole time during the process was a true reflection on who they are as such decent and considerate human beings.

We are so fortunate at Happy Real Estate International to have opportunities to work with so many amazing clients over the years. We are thankful to have ‘Happy’ clients like our sellers to serve, those who are cheerful, decent, and fulfilled from within.