“Just as one drop of water creates countless ripples, so to can one gesture of kindness or love create countless ripples of healing in the ocean of life.”


To be the number one agent or the best agent in the local area is always a good goal to achieve.  But to be a happy agent that serves clients in the right way and add happiness to their lives is our ultimate goal.

At Easter this year, our team at Happy Real Estate International decided to personally deliver 200 bags of happiness to random people and add a bit of joy to their day.  It amazed us to see how appreciative most people were towards our little act of kindness.

Some people in Kuraby, Underwood, Calamvale, and Stretton recognised us straight away as ‘THE LOCAL AGENCY’.  This made us feel very proud.  We love what we do and wish to continue making our contribution to changing the world to be a better place as local real estate agents.

Happy Easter from the Team at Happy Real Estate